2013-2014 PBL's
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Project Overview
 Implementation Notes from Teachers
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Additional Resources
 Grades, Subjects
  6th-8th grade Science, Engineering, Technology, Social Studies, Language Arts
  7th-8th grade Math Science, Engineering
, Slide Show, Plant Profile, News, Invite, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
1st grade Science, Language Lrts
4th Grade Science
 7th-8th grade math, science, technology
 2nd grade science, language arts
  3rd Grade Science, Social Studies, Langauge Arts
  How can we, as Sixth Grade leaders of our school, design and build a learning lab for our community in the area around our playground?
  Poster, Slides
  6th grade science, math
2nd grade science, language arts
Slide Show, Student work 1, student work 2, Student work 3, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4
3rd grade Science, Math
7th-8th Grade Science, Math, Engieering
  High School Math, Science
 Denise Harrington, Tillamook School District and  Marcy Doyle, Sam Case Primary, Tillamook School District
2nd grade Science, Language Arts
  4th gade Science, Math, Engineering
 Adam Galen, Janna Limbert, Newport Intermediate School, Lincoln County School District
4th grade Science, Engineering
  Slide Show, Poster,
News Times Article, Day 1 PPT, Day 2 Reading, Day 3a materials, Day 3b materials, Day 4 PPT, Day 5a materials, Day 5b materials
5th-th grade Science, Math, Language arts
  5th grade Science, Math, Art
 Studying Salmon Life Cycle through Art
  3rd grade Science, Art
What Makes a Healthy Riparian Zone in our Watershed?
 Kara Allan, Beth Parsons, Taft Elementary, Lincoln County School District
Slide Show
  6th grade Science, Art