Kick Off Agenda

August 19-20, 2013

Oregon Coast Regional STEM Center


               Summer Workshop                

June 23rd-27th, 2014

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  • To  model the process of PBL
  • To model the process of a student directed inquiry
  • To provide focused training on incorporating math into PBL STEM projects; model and define a variety of data analysis techniques
  • To  model Smarter Balance Performance Assessment tasks and how STEM PBL’s can address CCSS Math and ELA
  • To provide the opportunity to thoughtfully connect PBL projects with current curriculum, and plan for next year





Oregon Coast Regional STEM Education Center

Math Science Partnership Grant

2013-2014 Summer Kick-Off Agenda

August 19-20


Monday, August 19th at the Oregon Hatchery Research Center, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Goals of Kick-Off:

1.   To model an “entry event” to a PBL in an outdoor site and an informal education site

2.   To demonstrate generating questions from observations

3.   To explore the similarities and differences between PBL, science inquiry and       service-learning questions

4.   To explore how different roles and audiences can direct a PBL

5.   To provide an overview of PBL

6.   To provide an overview of the “Forest to the Sea” theme


Objectives of Kick-Off:

1.   Teachers will feel comfortable helping their students develop questions.

2.   Teachers feel inspired to do the work to develop a PBL

3.   Teachers will be able to describe an entry event that they will do with their students

4.   Teachers will understand the differences between the different types of questions and how the questions are related to each other

5.   Teachers will describe the stages of a PBL project

6.   Teachers will state the forest to the Sea theme and preliminarily identify a connection to their curriculum.

Monday, August 19th
Coffee/Settle In

Introduction to the MSP Kick-Off- (Extra Duty Contracts, stipends, NSTA, projects, materials, supplies, iPads). Ruth McDonald, Lincoln County School District


Modeling PBL Entry Events Utilizing Ellie’s Log- Judith Li, retired associate professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University. To learn more about Ellie’s Log visit


Questions, Questions, Questions- Norie Dimeo-Ediger, Oregon Forest Resources Institute and Rachael Bashor, Oregon Coast Aquarium

 Forests to Sea: Decisions Driven by Data- Norie Dimeo-Ediger, Oregon Forest Resources Institute and Rachael Bashor, Oregon Coast Aquarium
 Wrap up/ Feedback Forms
Tuesday August 20th
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PLC # 1 Agenda 9-25-13


·      Review GoToMeeting protocols

·      Role Call- Type name into the chat box. If multiple people in one location, please type all present name.

·      MUTE yourself to prevent audio feedback.

·      Type HAND into chat box when you want to talk- when called on, UNMUTE self and talk, when done MUTE again.



Reminder of Credit from WOU postmarked TODAY!

Ordering materials through Ruth or Bruce, or keeping ORIGINAL receipts for reimbursement

  • Parent Letter, Surveys, photo-video releases download from website or google docs

Warm Up Activity -Video:

As you watch, consider the following:

·      "What steps did the students take to work on their project?"

·      "What curriculum standards did the students meet through work on their project?"

·      "What is the role of the teacher in PBL?"

Post your thoughts on the Padlet wall

Potential Project Ideas

·      Tracy and Cait share Projects

o   Quests and Science Fair

o   ROV- NSF Grant 4th-12th grade teachers

o   Marine Debris, NOAA Grant- 24 teachers, 4th-12th grade

o   Renewable Energy (Wind, Wave)- 1st-12th grade

o   Streamwebs, Surfrider

How to address Multiple Standards in your PBL at once

·      Venn Diagram can address multiple standards at once

Video and Reflections- Why is it Important to Begin with the End on Mind?

Post your group’s or your individual reflection in this Google document Summarize your answers in your group’s text box


·      Following the symposium, identify any new ideas or opportunities you found for entry events, ideas for your PBL, potential partners, or driving questions, student products- Post on Website in Forum by Nov. 6th

·      Go online and complete the NSTA Science Object- Changing Climate nov 6th

 Next Seminar is October 11th for LCSD teachers, October 10th or 11th for TSD.
Next Webinar is November 6th, 3:45-5:15pm.

December 4th Online PLC

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